"Where do you go to now my love, where will you be tomorrow? Will you bring me happiness? Will you bring me sorrow?" - C S & N (at Carry On )

Went fishing with my Father in law this weekend while camping. I haven’t been in years but it feels great to catch and cook your own food. Thankful for the opportunity and for an awesome wife that can cook up anything and make it simply delicious. P.S. His shirt says “I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to get my ass kicked” (at Santiam River)

My woman crush everyday. She’s a great mom already and an even better wife and partner. Every day I try to be a little better to her and to fulfill the promise I made before God to always put her before myself. (at Honored )

IPNC was real fun, got to try some of the worlds best Pinot Noir and rub shoulders with some good folks. Thanks @blacktietours for the invite. #IPNC #PinotNoir #vsco #vscocam #oregonexplored #oregonwinecountry (at Linfield College)

Nothing’s coming. (at Simmer )

Bathing in the River. Miss you brother, it was a real treat to see you while you were here. Keep on leading men defending this country. (at Metolius River )

For what is the time but fields of green and yellow. (at The Same Old Song )

Treasures today.

Blueberry Picking Queen. (at She Was Made In America )

Happy Birthday America (at These Colors Dont Run)