My woman crush everyday. She’s a great mom already and an even better wife and partner. Every day I try to be a little better to her and to fulfill the promise I made before God to always put her before myself. (at Honored )

1 day ago on July 30, 2014 at 04:38pm

IPNC was real fun, got to try some of the worlds best Pinot Noir and rub shoulders with some good folks. Thanks @blacktietours for the invite. #IPNC #PinotNoir #vsco #vscocam #oregonexplored #oregonwinecountry (at Linfield College)

Nothing’s coming. (at Simmer )

Bathing in the River. Miss you brother, it was a real treat to see you while you were here. Keep on leading men defending this country. (at Metolius River )

For what is the time but fields of green and yellow. (at The Same Old Song )

Treasures today.

Blueberry Picking Queen. (at She Was Made In America )

Happy Birthday America (at These Colors Dont Run)

Chop your own wood, fight your own wars. (at Metolius River )

Let the water cool my brain. (at Pamelia Creek)